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(ALBUM) Senki madara (2018)

by Yesterdays

FROM ONE BRANCH TO ANOTHER The little bird has left the cage is empty She keeps sayin’ It’ll be back in spring. If she doesn’t come in spring or by wheat harvest If she doesn’t return even then, You should know she never will. My birdie, my birdie, I will have a diamond cage made for you with a silver floor. I'll give you the sweetest bread, The sweetest bread to eat, and sweet wine to drink. I’m not used to living in a cage, living in a cage, I’m not used to walking on a floor. But I’m used to flying from one branch to another, from one branch to another, and to drinking morning dew.
Rejtsetek el 03:42
HIDE ME Wherever I may walk, even the trees are cryin', From their weak branches the leaves are fallin'. Fall, leaves, fall and hide me, ‘Cause my sweet dove loves another, not me. Love, love, such a painful torment Why don't you yield on every leaf, On walnut-leaves, on rose-treetops, And let all lads and lasses tear off from you. See, I've torn one and have blighted it See, I've torn one and have blighted it.
ON THE HEIGHTS OF THE RAINBOW On the heights of the rainbow a rosemary grew up She doesn't like her place She wants to hide away. She must be removed from there, She must be replanted to a new place. She must be removed from there, She must be replanted to a new place. My sweet rose, you’re over the Malnas woods, While I'm crying here, In the fields of sorrow. May the Lord give you A good evening, my sweet jewel, Shining sunlight After a crimson day-break. I would also like to know When your way turns back. When I see a red rose in your hearth. You should know, my sweet rose, This will never happen You will never see My way turning back.
Elmehetsz 04:11
YOU MAY LEAVE Come out, lily of the valley For the moonlight has risen. I'll go out in a tall hat When the day breaks. I'll go out and will stay there I’ll just button up my vest I'll go out and will stay there Thinking of my lover. The door's open - you can come in The bench is empty - you can sit on The bed has been made - you can lie down The door's open - you can leave. Come out, lily of the valley for the moonlight has risen. Come out, lily of the valley for the moonlight has risen.
Ne mondd el 04:40
DON'T TELL Hey! Secret love starts under wraps! Hey! Secret love starts under wraps! Though in the end it will come to light. Though in the end it will come to light. Strike up a tune, my sweet fiddler Cause I'll pay you for it, Strike up a tune my sweet fiddler Cause I'll pay you for it, I'll either harvest or hoe, Or one night I'll sleep with you I'll either harvest or hoe, Or one night I'll sleep with you. I did love you, I do love you, just don't tell anyone, I did love you, I do love you, just don't tell anyone, Until we get married on church ground. Until we're married on church brick ground.
MORNING STAR The morning star is descending My sweet dove is heading home. She’s wearing light lacquered boots The morning star is shining on them. Wherever you go, my sweet rose, I wish for you  That even the meadow should turn into red roses,  Even the green grass should yield sweet apples, And your heart should never forget me till you die.
THIRSTY BIRDS If I were a river I would not know sorrow. Among hills and dales I would silently flow. I would wash the high banks, Renew the green grass, would let thirsty birds have a little sip. Have sown some violets waiting for their blossom and for my rose gone by to return. Violets are in full bloom, They’ve just turned to blossom, But my long lost sweetheart did never come back.
Eső 02:28
RAIN I thought it was raining Yet my eyes are weeping only My eyes are dense clouds Where the rain is lashing from against me. Come, my dearest, let's make peace Let's forgive each other There have always been others in the same shoes All of them have forgiven each other. Hold out your hands, at least one, Let me say one more word to you, Hold out your crossed hands now, Let's take leave for ever! My weak heart hurts so much Don’t know if yours hurts as well So it does, but what can you do, This is the way things are meant to happen.
Nap 05:54
SUN Shine, shine,  Bright Sun, My geese are freezing in the garden. 
SEND US OFF The bright sun has already set,  The surface of the earth remained in the dark, The daylight has changed to night, And has brought rest to the tired.  Let us give account, my dear God, So that I shouldn’t worry about my soul, So that I can speak up more bravely When I have to stand in front of you. Don't call me, my Lord, Don't call me unprepared Lead me first to the soothing well So do send us off on the long road!


The album is a musical experiment, a fusion of progressive rock of the seventies and traditional Hungarian folk music. First, we took some beautiful ancestral songs and started to play some basic arrangements with one single guitar, creating interesting and unusual harmonic structures around the pentatonic melodies, which later started to grow naturally. This album grew from the love of our rich musical heritage. The songs come from a few hundred years ago, transmitting the feelings, struggles and beliefs of our ancestors. When we started to work on a song, we were aware that each one had some kind of plan with us, it “begged” for a certain type of sound, harmony, a certain kind of tuning or specific instrumentation. Experimenting is the key to take a chance on arranging, playing with 4-6-8 part harmonies, using the instrumentation of symphonic progressive rock music of the seventies.
During the 20th century Zoltán Kodály and Béla Bartók made many traditional folk songs eternal by collecting them from authentic and clean sources, and they used this rich knowledge as a base and inspiration for their amazing symphonic and choral works. Our point of view is a humble experience we loved. We think that it might give a different perspective to these deep, meaningful, soulful songs that have survived several hundreds of years and will hopefully stay for several more.


released October 22, 2018

Stephanie Semeniuc - lead and backing vocals
Bogáti-Bokor Ákos - acoustic and electric guitars, bass, fretless bass, mellotron, hammond organ, piano, Moog, synthesizers, percussion, backing vocals
Enyedi Zsolt - piano, hammond, Moog, synthesizers
Fehér Róbert Benjamin - acoustic and electric guitars, backing vocals
Kecskeméti Gábor - magic flute
Kósa Dávid - percussion and vocals
Szűcs József - drums

Special guests:
Szirtes Edina Mókus - lead vocals
Tarsoly Csenge - lead and backing vocals
Bogáti-Bokor Orsolya - violin and viola
Márton-Sípos Dóra - cello

Recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by Fehér Róbert Benjamin and Bogáti-Bokor Ákos

Cover art: Ila Ildikó 2018


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Yesterdays Carei, Romania

Yesterdays is a Hungarian progressive rock band based in Romania and Hungary.

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